NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

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Best Electric Scooter Dealers in North America


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Apollo City Pro Electric Scooter

Best Performance Beginner Scooter

Apollo City Pro

32 MPH • 38 Miles • 65 LBS. • $1,599

Inmotion V12 (HT) Electric Scooter

On Sale!

Inmotion V12 (HS/HT)

37-40 MPH • 74 Miles • 64 LBS. • On Sale: $1,999 - $2,199

Inmotion V13 Challenger Electric Scooter

Fastest wheels on the Planet

Inmotion V13 Challenger

55 MPH • 120 Miles • 110 LBS. • $3,999

kaabo Mantis GT Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

Kaabo Mantis GT

43.5 MPH • 65 Miles • 72 LBS. • $2,145

Inmotion V11 Electric Scooter


Inmotion V11

34 MPH • 57 Miles • 59 LBS. • On Sale: $1,999

Begode EX30 (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Most Anticipated 134V Wheel

Begode EX30 (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 144 Miles • +100 LBS. • $4,199

emove cruiser Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

emove cruiser

33 MPH • 56 Miles • 52 LBS. • $1,349

Teverun Fighter Supreme Electric Scooter

72V Sinewave

Teverun Fighter Supreme

62 MPH • Miles • 74 LBS. • $4,199

Bronco Motors Xtreme 11 Electric Scooter

Holiday Deal: Free Fast Charger

Bronco Motors Xtreme 11

70 MPH • 80 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,499

Veteran Sherman Suspension Electric Scooter

Top Performance Wheel for 2023!

Veteran Sherman Suspension

+46 MPH • 144 Miles • 97 LBS. • $4,150

kaabo Wolf King GT Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

Kaabo Wolf King GT

62 MPH • 70 Miles • 115 LBS. • $3,145

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Fastest wheels on the Planet

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 192 Miles • 118 LBS. • $4,599

Veteran Sherman MAX (50E) Electric Scooter

Free Fast Charger + Fender

Veteran Sherman MAX (50E)

45 MPH • 144 Miles • 86 LBS. • $3,799

vsett 10+ 25AH Electric Scooter

Save $50 w/ Coupon Code: VROOOMIN

vsett 10+

50 MPH • 60V 20.8AH • 86 LBS. • $1,709

Begode T4 (Samsung 40T) Electric Scooter

Performance Suspension

Begode T4

42 MPH • 40 Miles • 67 LBS. • $2,450

Extreme Bull Commander Pro Electric Scooter


Extreme Bull Commander Pro

55 MPH • 100 Miles • 94 LBS. • $3,999

emove RoadRunner Tronic Electric Scooter

Save $50 w/ Coupon Code: VROOOMIN

emove RoadRunner Tronic

65 MPH • 56 Miles • 55 LBS. • $4,500

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter


Dualtron Thunder 2

62 MPH • 105 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,299

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter for Adults

The Biggest and Strongest Electric Scooter in the NIU Portfolio

I enjoy many things in this life: craft beer, rib-eye steaks, and bass tunes, but electric scooters are my absolute favorite. In the beginner commuter electric scooter category, NIU electric scooters are one of my top choices of brands to recommend to friends and family. They’re some of the best value scooters in the market!

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

Quality & Affordable Scooters

The quality is hard to beat, especially for the price

We’ve reviewed two NIU scooters, the KQi3 and KQi2 models, and let me tell you this, NIU delivers on quality, performance, features, and taste, like a middle-shelf high-value whiskey. The thumb throttle has an easy, smooth feel and is neither too hefty nor too light, and it’s perfect for the size and price. The KQ series scooters have everything you need to get to the office, grocery store, run errands, and even gong to the dentist.

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

Max Performance, Max Thrill

Scooters are fun and low maintenance

  • Go Farther
  • Go Faster
  • Max Comfort
  • Safe, Easy Folding
  • App-Connected
  • Be Safe, Be Seen
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

Commuting Made Fun

Once you scoot, you’ll never want to go back to public transportation

Why bother with traffic, bus stops, and subways when you don’t have to? I’ll take the NIU over any experience with finding parking and parallel parking. While the NIU won’t replace my vehicle when I pick up the girls from ballet, it’s all the scooter I need to get to my local plaza and run errands. DMV, taxes, take-out food, and procuring knick-knacks, the NIU KQi3 will make any mundane task an urban adventure.

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
  • Save Money: You can ride up to 362 miles further for free every year
  • Safety: When you slow down, you get more power. NIU’s smart regenerative braking system will help you charge the battery when you hit the brakes.
  • City Riding: 40+ miles on a single charge is enough to get you around the city.

NIU KQi2 Pro Electric Scooter Review Video

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

Strongest in the Line-up

23 MPH top speed, max range of 40 miles!

The NIU KQi3 MAX is my favorite NIU scooter since it’s the big kahuna, the big dog, and the strongest and largest NIU model in their portfolio. This model has a 900W maximum motor and a 48V 608WH battery pack that can go up to 40 miles on a single charge. Can you imagine all the fun you’ll have, the time saved, and all the fresh air you’ll enjoy? Riding an NIU scooter can be quite addicting.

  • Stronger Power Output
  • 450W rated Power
  • 25% Uphill Climb
  • 10+ Year Lifespan
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NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

High Commuter Performance

900W of pure fun, you’ll love the acceleration

At its top performance setting, this scooter can reach speeds of up to 23 mph. Yes, you read that correctly. For its size and price, the KQi3 is a beast that can be stored easily. With only 46 pounds, this scooter is easily folded and small enough to tuck under your desk or in your closet while you’re crushing it at work or washing the dishes in the kitchen.

  • Brakes: The KQi3 Max has a patented dual-action brake caliper made of die-cast aluminum alloy that allows it to stop very quickly and get rid of heat well.
  • Color: NIU’s well-known red paint makes it “pop.”
  • Tires: Self-healing tires will automatically seal when punctured, preventing flat tires and making your ride worry-free.
  • Folding: The NIU mechanism for folding is safe and easy to use. With just a straightforward move, you can fold or unfold.
  • App: Use the app to make riding better, keep track of your rides, and lock your kick scooter.
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

Fully Featured

Everything you need in a scooter

You get a lot of value and features for around $950, some times this scooter goes on sale, so look out for the sales that happen periodically. The developers behind the KQ series ensured that everything you needed was included in this scooter and did an excellent job.

The KQi3 Max comes standard with dual solid disc brakes, a comprehensive lighting system, an IP54 water certification, an LED display, and a complete mobile app. This scooter is well-built and equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Many of the same functions are available with NIU and competing companies, NIU has a superior finish and build quality. If you’ve ever had a cloned Amazon product, you’ll be able to recognize the difference between the imitation and its premium counterpart.

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

Technical Specs:

  • Name: NIU KQi3 Max
  • Range: 40.4 miles
  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Max Rider Weight: 265 lbs.
  • Min Rider Age: 14+
  • Vehicle Weight: 46.3 lbs
  • Brake: Dual Disc Brake (Front & Rear) + Regenerative braking
  • Lights: Front & Rear LED/Side reflectors
  • Riding Modes 4 modes: E-Save/Sport/Custom/Pedestrian
  • Wheel Size: 9.5″
  • Display: LED Dashboard
  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Battery: 608.4Wh
  • Battery Charge Time: 8 hours
  • Rated Power: 450W
  • Max Power: 900W
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NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter

NIU KQi3 Pro Electric Scooter Review Video

Worth it?

The best NIU in the portfolio and also the most expensive!

  • Speed: At 23 MPH, this is more than torque, power, and speed for any adult in any urban or suburban commute. This scooter is a fantastic primary or secondary for riders who want a quality, low-cost scooter.
  • Range: The 608WH is rated for 40 max miles of riding. In its highest setting, the Max will get a minimum of 20 miles per charge, which is plenty of range within a day.
  • Features: The Max has everything you need, lights, bells, tires, app, and speed. It’s an all-inclusive model for any adult.
  • Quality: NIUs have some of the best quality molds, features, components, and drivetrains in the industry. Their packaging, QA, and designs remind me of Apple’s standards and design aesthetic. The app has excellent features to customize the ride experience, troubleshoot issues, and register ownership. I hardly use the app outside of set up, and I regularly use the display console to turn on the scooter and its lights and change drive modes.
  • Improvements: All this scooter needs is a digital bell and a complete suspension system. I would love to see a more robust model with a 52V battery and higher speed. I would be willing to pay extra money for a high-performance version.

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Scooter Review


NIU KQi3 Max Electric Kick Scooter
The KQi3 Max is the most powerful and expensive model in the NIU lineup. We love the performance, specs, features, and build quality. We highly recommend this scooter to riders looking for the best bang for their buck. This can be your day-to-day scooter to rack up miles for advanced riders.
Build Quality

Niu Electric Scooters:

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