Veteran Sherman Suspension

Veteran Sherman Suspension

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eWheels releases 3D Rendering of the Veteran Sherman-S

The Sherman-S electric unciycle now has a new 3D rendering tool from eWheels. Prospective EUC researchers can now inspect the Sherman-S in 3D model form, allowing them to see the intricate details, craftsmanship, and geometry of this anticipated wheel.

EUC riders can examine different angles, rotations, and views that the average person cannot. Is this the new benchmark for EUC shopping? We hope so; kudos to the rendering artists; the work appears to be a labor of love, with many hours put in.

View Sherman-S Electric Unicycle – 3D Rendering Tool

Few Questions with Linnea Lin

In the past week, our team was able to get Linnea’s attention and ask a few questions about Sherman’s impending suspension. This 100V suspension powerhouse wheel has gotten so much attention that everyone in the community is thrilled about it. Here are some questions that numerous unicyclists have recently posed on the threads. We were able to get some answers. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing a Sherman suspension in the comments section.

Clark Pad’s Fairing system prototype for the Sherman-S
  1. What’s the Sherman Suspension’s top speed? Sherman s top speed will be a little faster than Max’s.
  2. What’s the Sherman Suspension range? Similar range to Sherman Max.
  3. Fastace Collaboration – We always design wheels with many innovations, Fastace is a suspension company specializing in motorcycle and scooter suspension.
  4. Will Leaperkim release a +126V wheel in the future? We don’t have a plan to make 126 or higher voltage wheels at the moment, the higher the voltage, the less range it will be for the same battery capacity!
  5. Would you ever make a 16-18″ wheel with suspension? I don’t know it yet, but our engineering team will always design new models
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension - Side
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension – Side
Clark Pad’s Fairing system prototype for the Sherman-S
eWheels 2023 Suspension Chart

Sherman-S High Speed Mode

Hello Sherman-s riders, anyone who is interested in High-Speed Mode, please download the APP from the following link and update firmware. Thanks!…/f156f…/LeaperKim-1.0.3%20221206.apk

** Added: Please note that the maximum speeds listed in the attached chart, are not max riding speed, but max free spin. Do not try to ride the Sherman S to the maximum speed listed in these charts!

OatBBA takulmane Veteran Sherman First Impression Video

Awesome Video by OatBBA takulmane on the Sherman S
Veteran Sherman Suspension Front
Veteran Sherman Suspension Front


Soldiers salute

True to its name, the Veteran Sherman franchise is back and in full action. The good guys at Leaperkim have taken the Sherman Max and made it even better. Everything from its geometry, beefy exoskeleton magnesium alloy shell, supercharged 24 MOSFET controller, and the 7KW max high torque motor, this military-inspired alien-like one-wheeled electric unicycle is back with full force. Are you looking to learn more about the Sherman-S?

Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension - Parked
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension – Parked
Veteran Sherman Suspension Specs
Veteran Sherman Suspension Specs

Decisions Decisions

Premeditated preorders

Analytical paralysis is a real thing. Call it indecision, being overwhelmed with options like the time we browse through Netflix, or even scanning a long Mexican or Vietnamese dinner menu. There are too many damn options, and we want it all. We can’t have it all, especially with extreme performance wheels.

Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle

Let’s be decisive

Let’s pretend we chose this Veteran Sherman over its counterparts, the “inferior” (emphasis on the quotes here) V13, Master Pro X, Masters’, and S22s of the world. We’ll head to the bank for this article to get the necessary funds.

Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension - Parked
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension – Parked

The Sherman OG was the World’s Finest Wheel

Can it retain its title?

Leaperkim nailed it with the original series. The Veteran Sherman OG was a huge deal then (still is now), and no other wheel came close to its durable shell, roll cage, performance, and 3200WH battery pack. Quality is of the utmost importance regarding outstanding extreme performance electric unicycles, and some companies fail to accept that.

Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle
Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension - Side
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension – Side
  • We all acknowledge that the Veteran Sherman may be the best electric unicycle ever made, and we also recognize that the Veteran Abrams was a secondary liability in the same catalog.
Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle
Veteran Sherman OG – Food Bazzar Queens, NYC

The Big Picture

  • Powerful motor & long battery life: The 7000W max high torque motor allows for speeds up to 46 mph. High-capacity battery (3600WH) with a max travel range of up to 144 miles under specific conditions and a max load of 265 lbs.
  • Upgrade your commuting: Veteran Sherman-S electric unicycle equipped with 20-inch tire (and full fork shock absorbers) to provide max comfort, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps.
  • Safety: Features upgraded shell, control board, suspension, pedals, bright 18W headlights, and laser warning taillights.
  • Quality warranty: The Veteran Sherman-S electric unicycle is equipped with more powerful performance and becomes your best long-range riding or outdoor travel companion. 12-month warranty offered by eWheels
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension - Rear
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension – Rear

Hype Hype

Fun-filled, full suspension, complete speculation

If you’re the type of rider that likes to take a breather on open roads, and clear some head space, the cutting-edge 7000W 100V 3600WH Veteran Sherman-S electric unicycle is intended to provide you with the best possible riding experience on long stretches of highway. The OG model provided that with very little upkeep. Will the suspension and new board create the same experience or introduce new issues?

Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension - Front
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension – Front


  • Pricing: $1,000 holding deposit, expected release price of $4,150
  • Shipping: First arrivals are expected to ship out from the US in late November
  • Battery: 3,600Wh battery pack with the Samsung 50E battery cells
  • Motor: 3,000W high-torque motor (7KW peak), the no-load max rotational speed of 64MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Motherboard: All new electronics/controller, 24x MOSFETs with a 680A peak load!
  • Suspension: Adjustable suspension fork shock system with a rebound, up to 90mm of travel
  • Tires: Choice of 20″ knobby or street tire
  • Shell: Upgraded look, more robust body, integrated seat & fender
  • Features: Carrying handles, spiked pedals, top display, folding flip handles, mudguard, laser taillights, headlights
Veteran Sherman S Electric Unicycle - Trolley

When Preparation Meets Patience

Let’s go to the bank

Alright, gentlemen, let’s start planning. We have to make some good money moves to welcome our new wheel. First, let’s go to the bank and pull some funds from the retirement account. Next, we head home and check for loose change under the couch. Also, go through the closet and sell any old electronics. We can all agree that these 3600WH street demon wheels don’t come cheap.

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eWheels Samsung Battery Discharge Chart
eWheels Samsung Battery Discharge Chart

More Magnesium and Samsung 50E, Please

I almost forgot the emergency shoebox with the loose singles. We’ll need two bottles of sealant (mix the cheap one with the expensive one, so we get more end product), some power pads, velcro, a new selfie video stick, and a fresh pair of knee pads. Who can forget a new full-face helmet because safety first, am I right? Let’s be responsible, guys. It’s all about being prepared when you’re killing the streets, shredding on a new Sherman suspension, the admirers ogling you, and elders paying mad respects.

Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension - Front
Leaperkim Veteran Sherman Suspension – Front

100V Dilemma

Is 100V going the way of the Dinosaur?

There are a few other 100V wheels, suspension wheels, and even 100V ones, but they don’t stack up to the Sherman-S’s specs. Some people prioritize quality very much, and the Veteran Sherman-S extreme performance electric unicycle is not an exception to this rule. This wheel is designed for pioneers looking for the best 100V mono-wheels available in terms of quality, comfort, range, speed, and dependability.

  • The Sherman has been arguably the best wheel ever created, owing to its range, power, and shell at the time.
  • It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty damn close, a work of art
  • There have been a few call-outs to the rim and software, all of which were fixed in later iterations.
  • This is a first-generation wheel – Leapkerim has better perform the proper testing before roll-out
Veteran Sherman Suspension Board
Veteran Sherman Suspension Board

Motor Power

  • Wheel Weight: Lighter/more powerful
  • Materials: Uses magnesium alloy materials
  • Power: 3KW, nominal 7KW, peak
  • Strength: Stronger, reinforced motor rim
  • Tires: Choice of Knobby (K262) or Street (340A) tire

Winter is coming

Sell your older wheels, place your preorders, and do what you have to

There’s been clamoring for months about this wheel, and we are only learning that it’s been in development and under wraps for about a year. Riders have remarked that the Veteran Suspension is built with state-of-the-art technology and is ahead of the competition in terms of innovation in the market. This electric unicycle can reach up to 46 miles per hour, and it is now available as one of eWheels premium extreme performance electric unicycles for the 2022-2023 riding season. It is also ready to ship sometime this winter.

  • Wheels are slated to arrive in the winter, and please be mindful of shipping delays and world events that may affect your order
  • Most modern-day wheels require preorder to reserve your spot in line
Veteran Sherman Suspension Rear
Veteran Sherman Suspension Rear

Motherboard & Wiring

  • Phase wires are mounted on pure copper columns for improved conduction.
  • Independent power sources.
  • Separated Communication & Driver-boards 24x TO-247 MOSFETS, up to 680A peak current loads.
Veteran Sherman Suspension Side
Veteran Sherman Suspension Side

Shell and Pedals

  • All new integrated display, with more data telemetry
  • Light-weight, high-strength nylon protective carrying handle
  • Dual-purpose flip-up trolly-handle & seat
  • Magnesium alloy side-panels
  • Rear carrying handle & seat extension
  • Suspension adjustment point
  • Rear mud-guard fitted as standard
  • Adjustable-width spiked pedals (as standard equipment)
  • Constructed of high-strength magnesium alloy, 320 lb max load

High Speed, Long Range, Self Care

Big performance to make it a little more enjoyable

Your commute will be less stressful, easier, and more pleasurable with this electric unicycle that is more compact, cleaner, simpler, and more durable than its competitors. The Veteran Sherman-S has 7000W high-torque motors and a 3600WH Samsung 50E battery pack, allowing riders to experience exhilarating long-distance riding for up to 144 miles* on a single charge. I can still remember the archaic days of myself being stuck in traffic, looking for parking spaces, and even being trapped underground in a subway. I look to these wheels for a bit of headspace that only lithium-powered motors can provide.

  • *Real-world range is likely +100 miles of mixed riding
  • This wheel is hefty and not practical for short trips or areas with constant stop-and-go traffic
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Veteran Sherman Suspension Rear
Veteran Sherman Suspension Rear


  • The design developed by Fastace
  • 12mm pretension adjustment
  • 90mm Suspension travel range

She’s Hefty and Fully Loaded

99 lbs of Pure Electric Unicycle

The Sherman series is a heavyweight machine, and we all accept that with its 3600WH range and high-speed performance. The heavyweight chassis, top-level and sturdy magnesium alloy shell, stronger reinforced rim, brilliant headlights and taillights, foldable trolley seat, rear mudguard, improved motherboards, and softening Fastace 90mm adjustable suspension system are just a few of the features of the 99-pound Sherman-S.

  • Battery: 100.8V 3600WH – 192 pcs cells Samsung INR21700-50E 2 sets, 24 series, 4 parallel
  • Suspension: mid-mounted standard suspension, Fastace, and Leaperkim co-development, maintenance-free, linear smoothing rebound 18 clicks, compression 18 clicks, 12mm pre-load adjustable
  • Pedals: Magnesium alloy material, 280mm*130mm adjustable length, wilder and thicker rim, and side covers
  • Motors: increase speed by 5% and torque by 8% compared to Sherman max motor rated power of 3000W, peak power 7000W
  • Handles: Nylon and lead-material handlebars
  • Shell: Magnesium alloy shell
  • Display: New display showing more parameters
  • Controller: Double layer controller, aluminum substrate heat conduction, use copper bars and columns to accelerate conduction and heat dissipation, 24 MOSFET withstands 125V voltage and supports max 680A current.
  • Trolley/Seat: Integrated trolley handle and seat, Nylon plus lead materials trolley handle, PU foaming seat, Paddle switch
  • Headlight: 18W dual-headlight external buzzer
  • Taillight: independently controlled laser warning taillight
  • Charging: Dual charge ports support a max of 15A
Veteran Sherman Suspension Top
Veteran Sherman Suspension Top

Do you believe it’s worth the $4,150 price tag?

Too early to say. Its all hype at the moment. Test units are being sent out soon


This wheel is a work of art. Leaperkim’s external exoskeleton designs are consistently exceptional. It always amazes me how well-made and designed an electric unicycle can be.


The motor, boards, battery, wiring, and construction all contribute to the success of this wheel. We’re waiting for video reviews because we want to witness someone push this wheel to its breaking point, allowing for safe passage for ordering.

Even though it is not a 126V – 134V wheel, the 100V system appeals to me. It’s a surprise to me why Leaperkim hasn’t gone much higher than 100; perhaps their technology isn’t quite there yet, and they don’t want to release a wheel without confidence.


$4,100 is a lot of scratch, and the world events and inflation rates don’t help the purchasing process. For my hard-earned money, I would still consider this wheel based on its quality, looks, feel, and innovation. Let me let you in on a little secret (whispers). On most days, I won’t travel faster than 38 mph, and I surely don’t want to go faster than 50, but it’s nice to have the headroom (in case a group of younger riders wish to throw down some pink slips).

I am in no way an off-roader or a track rider. For me, a wheel of this size is unsuitable for that type of riding. The Sherman suspension has the muscle to flex, a new suspension system for comfort, an upgraded sexy shell for protection, and 24 new MOSFETS capable of handling a high amperage load.

Being a highly visual person, the appearance of this wheel would be enough to sell it to me, but it is hefty, which comes with the territory. Would you prefer this wheel over the V13? It is currently more expensive with the special preorder price.


It’s unbelievable how fast new wheels are announced, faster than orders can arrive in local markets. Do you have anything on preorder? Would you change the demand for a Sherman-S? Let me know in the comment section. I’m still waiting on my Master 40T, and I can’t keep pushing the next wheel out. This one does make me bite my knuckles.

Technical Specs

  • Top Speed: 46 mph
  • Motor: 3000W, 7000W Max Motor, stronger reinforced rim
  • Materials: Magnesium alloy shell
  • Price: $4,150
  • Battery: 100V 3600WH Samsung 50E battery pack
  • Charge Time: 8 hours
  • Max range: 144 miles
  • Tire Size: 20″ street or knobby
  • Suspension: Fastace 90mm adjustable suspension
  • Weight: 99 lbs
  • Max load: 265 lbs
  • Lighting: headlight/taillight
  • Display: New Top LCD
  • Release Year: 2022
  • Ambient LED’s: n/a
  • No Load: n/a
  • Pedal Height: n/a
  • Pedal Size: 280mm*130mm adjustable length
  • Full Size: n/a
  • Trolley Handle: Folding
  • Anti Spin Button: n/a
  • Speakers: n/a
  • USB: n/a


Is the Veteran Sherman-S reliable?

The wheels’ quality, finish, power delivery, and ride stability have been praised by many first-batch owners. The suspension is described as robust but buttery smooth by many Sherman’s owners. No major defects have been reported.

How far can a Veteran Sherman-S go on a single charge?

Veteran Sherman’s riders can expect at least 90 miles of range per charge, depending on the rider’s weight, road conditions, and average speed.

Veteran Sherman S Electric Unicycle - Lighting
Veteran Sherman S Electric Unicycle – Lighting

Latest Updates from Linnea Lin, Responds to Begode Commander Pro

Linnea and team are not too happy with the latest Begode literature

In the world of electric unicycles, there is never a dull moment, and Begode is here to ensure that everything moves quickly and is full of “excitement.” Linnea Lin of Veteran answers to the latest offering from Begode, the 100V Extreme Bull Commander, after weeks of teasing from Veteran Sherman. Many people will argue that the newly released suspension Commander Pro is a loose duplicate and copycat clone of the latest Sherman Suspension, which has been kept secret and in development for an entire year.

Begode Commander Pro, 100V Suspension Electric Unicycle
Begode Commander Pro, 100V Suspension Electric Unicycle

Legal Issues

Some users have pointed out the irony that in the country where all electric unicycles are designed and manufactured, a place that some people regard as the world’s factory, Begode is finally being called out for the quick prototypes and strongly inspired features.

Leaperkim is not be able to make good suspension wheels? Definitely not, we are trying to make the top performance suspension wheels. With more than 300 days and nights hard working to design such a top performance suspension wheels, we will emphatically say “NO” to such copy action. Hope such low practice would be stopped once the lawyer’s letter published. We firmly protect our own legal rights and hope the market will be go forward to a good phenomenon under each brand’s own efforts and talent.

Linnea Lin Veteran


Riders are smarter than that. We also have limited budgets. We can’t afford a wheel every year. You better make it worth it.

In my perspective, an investigative team or black light equipment is not necessary to determine that Begode is drawing from the innovations of other EUC companies and flexing its manufacturing infrastructure to beat the competition in who is first to market.

But at what expense?

The price of quality, originality, integrity, and consumer confidence

While this will be Veterans’ third wheel, Begode has already published more than ten wheels in the past 12 months. Following the examples and features of other brands, imitation may be the highest form of flattery. Even so, would you rather have quantity or quality? The community cannot adopt each wheel. Regarding quality, Leaperkim has a better reputation for innovation and quality management, even with the Abrams debacle.

Latest Veteran Sherman Suspension Specs

(from Jon Wall per eWheels/Veteran Sherman Page)

  • Speed: Max free spin speed 103 KM/H (64 mph)
  • Top Speed: Max riding speed 75KM/H (46 mph)
  • Suspension: Suspension travel 90mm
  • Tires: off-road tires and street tires are optional.
  • Battery safety: the height of the cell supporter is higher than BMS to protect it; EVA on the surface of BMS, BMS has short-circuit protection and added 35A fuses as a second protection
Veteran Sherman Suspension Side
Veteran Sherman Suspension Side

Latest Veteran Sherman Suspension Video

Leaked videos hit the threads and youtube

Leaperkim has just released a video showcasing the Sherman Suspension in action. The community has been anticipating the new release for weeks, and now Leaperkim has given us a taste of what may be a strong contender for the best electric suspension unicycle.

More Extreme Performance EUC’s

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Kevin M
Kevin M
3 months ago

Please inquire to Linnea, why lead (Pb) is being used in the handles, or rather anywhere in or on this wheel??
Thank you!

Last edited 3 months ago by Kevin M
Metin Bilgihan
Metin Bilgihan
15 days ago

My Sherman s has made a reset after trying to push the Power button. The mileage ist now 0 km, I had to redo the settings once again, but everything looks fine.
Im driving this wheel since 9 days.
Should i have any concerns?
Thanks with best regards
Metin Bilgihan

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