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Best Electric Scooter Dealers in North America

New Years Deals:

Make sure to check out the Best Electric Scooters, Best Electric Unicycles, and Holiday deals!

Apollo City Pro Electric Scooter

Best Performance Beginner Scooter

Apollo City Pro

32 MPH • 38 Miles • 65 LBS. • $1,599

Inmotion V12 (HT) Electric Scooter

On Sale!

Inmotion V12 (HS/HT)

37-40 MPH • 74 Miles • 64 LBS. • On Sale: $1,999 - $2,199

Inmotion V13 Challenger Electric Scooter

Fastest wheels on the Planet

Inmotion V13 Challenger

55 MPH • 120 Miles • 110 LBS. • $3,999

kaabo Mantis GT Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

Kaabo Mantis GT

43.5 MPH • 65 Miles • 72 LBS. • $2,145

Begode EX30 (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Most Anticipated 134V Wheel

Begode EX30 (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 144 Miles • +100 LBS. • $4,199

emove cruiser Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

emove cruiser

33 MPH • 56 Miles • 52 LBS. • $1,349

Teverun Fighter Supreme Electric Scooter

72V Sinewave

Teverun Fighter Supreme

62 MPH • Miles • 74 LBS. • $4,199

Bronco Motors Xtreme 11 Electric Scooter

Holiday Deal: Free Fast Charger

Bronco Motors Xtreme 11

70 MPH • 80 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,499

Veteran Sherman Suspension Electric Scooter

Top Performance Wheel for 2023!

Veteran Sherman Suspension

+46 MPH • 144 Miles • 97 LBS. • $4,150

kaabo Wolf King GT Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

Kaabo Wolf King GT

62 MPH • 70 Miles • 115 LBS. • $3,145

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Fastest wheels on the Planet

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 192 Miles • 118 LBS. • $4,599

Veteran Sherman MAX (50E) Electric Scooter

Free Fast Charger + Fender

Veteran Sherman MAX (50E)

45 MPH • 144 Miles • 86 LBS. • $3,799

vsett 10+ 25AH Electric Scooter

Save $50 w/ Coupon Code: VROOOMIN

vsett 10+

50 MPH • 60V 20.8AH • 86 LBS. • $1,709

Begode Master (Litech 40T/50E) Electric Scooter

High Torque +50 MPH Wheel

Begode Master

+50 MPH • 89 Miles • 80 LBS. • $3,300

Begode T4 (Samsung 40T) Electric Scooter

Performance Suspension

Begode T4

42 MPH • 40 Miles • 67 LBS. • $2,450

Extreme Bull Commander Pro Electric Scooter


Extreme Bull Commander Pro

55 MPH • 100 Miles • 94 LBS. • $3,999

emove RoadRunner Tronic Electric Scooter

Save $50 w/ Coupon Code: VROOOMIN

emove RoadRunner Tronic

65 MPH • 56 Miles • 55 LBS. • $4,500

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter


Dualtron Thunder 2

62 MPH • 105 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,299

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

Fun, fun, fun, fast, and furious!

High-torque electric unicycles are the funnest and most compact micro-mobility vehicles on the planet!

The Inmotion V12HT is a 37 MPH lithium-powered one-wheeled device that will revolutionize your commute to and from work. Who needs to worry about locking up an electric bicycle when you can trolley your 64-pound electric unicycle into the doors where it will be safe from harm?

Inmotion V12HT Review Video

Inmotion V12HT Review Video

Premium high-performance electric unicycle

Ready to climb mountains?

Have we mentioned that the exciting V12HT unicycle is more powerful and faster than most e-bikes? All you do is hop on the pedals, lean forward, and then fly down the boulevard!

Inmotion V12 HT Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

37 MPH Electric Unicycle

2.8KW Motor for steep hill climbing

Some things push, some things pull, but whatever force you’re dealing with, we’re talking about a rotation that’s so strong that it can carry your big buttocks up a 45-degree incline with relative ease.

Every manufacturer is aware of this, including Inmotion. We all know what it feels like when the wheels start spinning and the rubber begins burning; it is all about torque, and now Inmotion has a flagship model with plenty of it.

News & Events:

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle Review


Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle
The Inmotion V12HT is one of the market’s most sought-after performance wheels. Everything about this 37 mph EUC, from its high torque motor to its high quality shell and extended features, makes it a fantastic option for commuting and having fun riding every day.
Build Quality


I’ve been riding the V12HT for over two months and can attest to its performance and promise. It’s a +30 mph wheel that’s great for commuters and high-performance riders and an all-around wheel that will help you smile on your way to work.

You’ll save time and money and have a good time while pushing this 100V wheel to its limits. I average 15-20 mph and ride 3-8 mile round trips on most days; this wheel is an excellent alternative to walking, driving, or taking the subway.

The Inmotion V12HT is such a great wheel that any city commuter would enjoy utilizing a max 5KW high torque motor, 17580 WH battery pack, and integrated features on their daily commute. The power delivery on this 100V system gives you more than enough power for your everyday needs, and the weight of this package makes it doable to lift up a flight of stairs with ease.

The V12HT is a precision-engineered wheel with the exceptional build quality and cutting-edge technology that exemplifies what all EUC manufacturers strive for.

If you want high torque and top speeds of +30 mph to elevate your ride, the V12HT is an excellent choice for any beginner, advanced, or expert rider.

It’s ideal for short excursions, medium treks, and high-speed fun on any event to any desired location; it doesn’t matter when you’re behind the wheel of this high-tech vehicle.

The wheel does cost $2,499, which is not cheap for most people’s budgets. This wheel can save you time and money in the long run, and I believe its value is far greater than its price, assuming you use it frequently enough!

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Thrust & Propel

Off the line

Indeed, you can spin a screwdriver to repair your damaged flashlight; it doesn’t need a lot of torque. In contrast, the Inmotion V12HT is faced with the difficulty of moving your heavy ass up a steep climb when you’re on your way to the office in the morning.

To handle this load, the V12HT is equipped with a powerful 2.8KW (max 5KW output) engine and an upgraded electric speed board (with even beefier MOSFETs, a vast improvement over the last V12HS) that can propel you up and over even the steepest of hills in no time at all.

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle - Controller
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle – Controller

Combined with a 1750WH battery pack, this drivetrain provides enough power and energy to keep your toes tingling and your sweat beads clear while you’re sprinting, diving, riding, and gliding along the boulevard of life. The V12HT is a high-torque powerhouse that can propel riders up to 37 mph at their peak speed, making it an excellent choice for any circumstance.

Yes, the V12HT comes up short of the 40 mph mark, but who cares when most riders ride between 15 and 28 mph anyway? The V12HT delivers just what we want, when we want it, and how we want it.

Inmotion V12HT Specs:

  • Model: Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle
  • Wheel Type: Advanced Riders
  • Price: $2,499
  • Power: 2.8KW motor
  • Top Speed: 37 MPH
  • Range: 70 Miles
  • Battery: 100.8V, 1,750Wh
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Features: Color touchscreen display, Bluetooth speaker, atmospheric LED lighting, integrated kickstand

Reasons to buy:

  • Top performance high torque 37+ MPH wheel on the market
  • Built for performance, high build quality/materials
  • Integrated app and extra features
  • Improved controller board, durable MOS, boosts 23% max power output.
  • The 45-degree max slope for steep hill climbing and fast acceleration off the line

Things to consider:

  • Mighty and heavier than other 14″ and 16″ wheels
  • No suspension
  • First-generation V12HS had controller issues, mainly with MOSFET failure.
Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

Force x Distance

Beefy motors lend to beefy performance

We can all recall the time we had to stroll up a steep street, bridge, or staircase; this type of elevation can suck, especially after a long day of work or, worse, before a long day of work.

Fear not, my friend, Inmotion thought this through; they fitted the V12HT motors with thicker windings, larger magnets, and a heavy-duty reinforced rim to get things rolling and elevated.

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle - Battery
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle – Battery

Mountain Slayer

188NM of torque

When it comes to the V12HT’s 45-degree maximum slope, Inmotion engineering isn’t shy about it. It’s an astounding figure, particularly when you consider that there’s a unique set of riders that like to abuse their wheels on-road, off-road, and on thrilling mountain bike trails.

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle - BMS
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle – BMS

Max Velocity

Engineering is also not shy about boasting the improved 23% maximum output to deal with less-paved roads since, after all, why not? When you’re building and marketing a wheel of this talent level, the unit better has the insight and numbers to back up its bold claims.

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The V12HT is also equipped with off-road solid knobby tires, which, if you’re like me, enjoy the bee humming noise they produce when they come into contact with the pavement.

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle - App
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle – App

Inmotion V12HT Hill Climb Challenge Video

Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

The Complete Package

Stunning design, performance, and features

The V12HT comes with all the looks, performance, and a bevy of features that will make the jaws of its opponents drop open and turn them green with envy.

For those unfamiliar with what Inmotion is capable of, I would suggest they have some of the highest-quality build materials, software, and designs available today.

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle - Tires
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle – Tires

The build quality of Inmotion machines is comparable to that of Macintosh devices.

Everything you need and more

There, I said it, and you may have already had firsthand experience with it. Now, let’s go through each wheel’s features one by one to make them crystal clear:

  • Bright auto headlights
  • Durable and high-quality shell design
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • IPX7 Battery Pack
  • Front-mounted external touchscreen dash
  • External customizable ambient lighting for fun and safe visibility
  • Thick 16×3 knobby tires for off-road adventure
  • Scorpion-style trolley with a motor cut-off switch
  • Integrated kickstand for support/parking
  • Quad internal speakers for moving and grooving
  • Integrated mobile app for customizable rider preferences and performance diagnostics
  • Anti-theft security system
  • Integrated BMS App monitor
  • Inmotion quality, performance
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

The 2022 Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

Best 16″ wheel on the market?

The V12HT is a powerful, agile, and compact wheel that riders searching for power, speed, features, and, most importantly, off-the-line acceleration should consider. Although some riders like 14″, 18″, and even 20″ wheels, most would prefer a 16-inch wheel in the center of the pack.

One wheel that can replace them all has all the power, range, torque, and features many others don’t have, all in a single package.


What's the Inmotion V12HT top speed?

The fastest speed the V12HT can go is 37 mph. Riders' top speeds depend on their weight, the terrain, the road conditions, the weather, and how much power/charge is in their batteries. When riders reach their top speeds, the pedals will tilt back, protecting them and the wheel from brownouts. Most riders will cruise comfortably between 20-30 mph.


What's the Inmotion V12HT real-world range?

The real-world range of the V12HT is around 40 miles per charge. With moderate riding, most unicycles can average 40WH per mile; the V12HT is no exception. Riders may reach ranges up to 90 miles under specific conditions, typically requiring lighter-weight riders, flat roads, and reduced cruising speeds.


Does the Inmotion V12HT have any known problems or defects?

The Inmotion V12HT has no known issues or significant flaws as of the time of this writing. Every personal electric car could experience a few minor problems that call for warranty claims on parts due to shipping, packaging, or general failure rates. The controller MOSFET difficulties that plagued the first generation V12HS have been fixed in the later models.


Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle - Color
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle – Color
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

Whats with all the hype?

Talking wheels, what we’re enthusiastic about, and what may or has already arrived are all part of the hype. Torque is the future, the suspension will come next, and Bluetooth mobile apps should be the standard. Will the Inmotion V13 have all of this and more? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Time and time again, I’ve harassed Inmotion marketing, toeing the line of digital aggression and provocation. They still won’t budge, their lips tightly sealed and heads shaking, they still won’t divulge a single thing about the V13, which is unfortunate for us, but that doesn’t mean our team won’t keep digging until we find out all there is to know!

Inmotion V12 HT Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle - Handles
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle – Handles

Big wheels, we’ll take a pass in this case

Who needs a 100-pound, 3600-watt-hour wheel when you can ride safely across 10-mile distances at speeds of 25 miles per hour on most days? People who inquire about this will be drawn to the push and pull characteristics that the V12HT specifications demonstrate.

When seeking a wheel with comparable specifications and price, riders could consider the Begode RST, Inmotion V11, Begode Hero, Veteran Sherman Max, and King Song S22. That is the beauty of personal electric vehicles. There is almost a model to meet the requirements and desires of every individual, as well as models with various features and price ranges.

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle
Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle

2022 Inmotion Electric Unicycle Catalog

Inmotion wheels are regarded as some of the best in the industry. Compare the Inmotion EUCs based on speed, range, pricing, and weight. Here are some of the best Inmotion Electric Unicycles on the market:

Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle Review Video

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