Begode T4 Electric Unicycle

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle

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Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Top
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Top

Begode T4 Specs are released by eWheels

This just-in-eWheels has released the latest specs for their version of the Begode T4. The eWheels version of the anticipated mid-size suspension wheel features a special Samsung 40T pack that will allow for higher max power output. The T4 motor unit, which Begode developed in-house, offers a combination of high torque and a rotating speed of 78 KPH/48.5 MPH when not under load. However, the actual maximum riding speed should be at least 10 KPH (about 42 MPH), slower than the top cut-out speed.

eWheels 2023 Suspension Chart
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Side
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Side


  • Power: 2500W high torque motor and a +37 mph top speed, the T4 is going to be a stout mid size wheel for any adventurer and commuter.
  • Battery: 100V 1800WH pack should be plenty of juice for most commuters. The capacity is quite standard for the middle-of-the-range wheel with a +30 mph top speed.
  • Range: Riders can expect 40-45 miles depending on ride style, weight, weather, etc.
  • Weight: At roughly 68 lbs, this wheel isn’t too heavy, but not light by any means. Any new and older rider will appreciate the price-to-weight-to-power ratio. I wouldn’t try to lift his up a flight of stairs regularly.
  • Quality: It is a first-generation wheel, some argue its 100V drivetrain is tried and tested. Look at the Master and RS series, those models has had plenty of issues with quality and defects, please be aware of possible issues.
  • Features: Standard features, suspension, lighting, no Bluetooth speakers or side LEDs. Comes with pedals and thicker jump pads.
  • Price: At the $2,500 category, this might be one of the best wheels you can get for the package. The only thing with Begode is that their quality can be terrible and inconsistent. Be prepared to spend more money to fix their inadequacies.
  • Fire Alert: Begode also has a history of burning batteries owing to BMS, battery configuration, and controllers. While the fires have effected older models, eWheels and LiTech has produced their line of battery packs for begode models that use better cells, BMS’s, and quality control to mitigate combustion hazard.
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Front
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Front

Technical Specs:

  • Deposit: $500
  • Shipping: US expected in October
  • Price: $2,450
  • eWheel Battery: 1,440Wh Samsung 21700 40T high-powered cells
  • Begode Battery: 1,800WH (Battery options TBD)
  • Suspension system: Rebound 100mm of travel
  • Pedals: Spiked pedals
  • Tires: 16×3 CST-C-1773 street tire
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Pads
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Pads

Battery Packs

The claimed variation in range is 5% since those cells perform better under high-load circumstances.

eWheels will only use the more powerful Samsung 40T battery cells owing to the historically problematic Begode battery pack safety, especially on the machines with a 24s4p battery pack configuration.

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eWheels Samsung Battery Discharge Chart
eWheels Samsung Battery Discharge Chart

Benefits of high-powered cells include a significant boost in power across all voltage ranges, enhanced hill-climbing, a higher sustained maximum high-speed, a more significant safety margin, longer cell life, and faster charging.

The only drawback is a slight decrease in the listed maximum capacity.

  • Tires: The earliest T4 assembly runs will be fitted with 17-inch-diameter 16×3-inch CST C-1773 street tires.
  • Shocks: This latest shock has rebound & is rumored to sustain riders weighing up to 150kg/330lb.
  • Charging: Although the battery cells have a charging capacity of up to 6A*4 packs = 24A, additional components like the charge input wires, BMS, etc. restrict the maximum charge. A suggested cap is 13A—8A+5A chargers.
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Rear
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Rear


The T4 is not a prototype Wheel, according to the Begode team, it is now in production.

By the beginning of September, these wheels will be available for shipping from China, and will incorporate many of the development lessons from the Begode Master release.

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle

Ready to rock it off the road? Prepare to have your socks knocked off with the 100V 1800WH full suspension T4. The latest 16″ set of magnets is estimated to cost $2,200-$2,400, sitting right in the middle of the performance category.

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Back
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Back

Smaller package for off-road performance

100V Suspension Electric Unicycle

At 67 lbs and featuring a similar chassis as the Master, the T4 almost looks like a little clone as its 20% lighter than its bigger brother. With a 1800WH battery, we estimate that the T4 should provide 40-45 miles of high torque fun in the sun.

  • Weight: 67 lbs.
  • Top Speed: +30 – 40 mph
  • Power: 2500W High Torque
  • Battery: 100V 1800WH
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Front
Begode T4 electric Unicycle – Front
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Specs
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Specs

Begode releases the T4 Electric Unicycle specs and performance review video

Leave it to Begode; these guys always come up with crazy new wheels with performance to match. The Begode T4 electric unicycle looks like a downsized version of the 134V Master, except with a 100V pack and a familiar high torque motor. Check out the latest Ride footage video from the Begode team below.

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Front Side
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Front Side

When and where

Your local dealers are just receiving marketing materials about these new wheels; we found some details in the EUC threads below.

  • Shipping: Begode T4’s could maybe hit the market within 6 months. These guys move fast.
  • Preorders: Not confirmed yet, eWheels can take deposits for the T4’s if you want to get first in line

It’s unclear what the idea behind this wheel is other than that it could go toe to toe with the Inmotion V12HT, King Song S18, and of course, the originator, the V11.

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Midsize Suspension wheel

Begode wheels are beasts in their own right, and this wheel looks promising for riders with smaller budgets than the owners of $3,000 3600WH longe range performance wheels. With their design and production rate, let’s hope they take their quality control up to competition standards.

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle

Begode T4 Technical Specs:

  • Motors: 17″ 2500W High torque motor, hollow motor, aluminum alloy shaft
  • Rim: strengthened and widened rim
  • Battery: 100V 1800WH, 2 parallel 2 series back up
  • Shock: 100mm effective shock absorber stroke
  • 3rd generation high sensitivity adjustable damping air shock absorber, strengthens the damping lever to adapt to high-strength off-road leap
  • Controller: Mainboard aluminum substrate stable and super heat dissipation
  • BMS: New generation BMS temperature and voltage alarm sensor
  • Accessories: adjustable angle of headlight, taillight, and mudguard
  • Trolley: middle hidden handle
  • Materials: Structural design of integral aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • Modular: Simple appearance and flexible control
  • Seat: Comfortable large seat
  • Pads: Enhanced one-piece acceleration pad and jump pad
Begode Master EUC
Begode Master EUC


Let’s face it, with the rollout of the Master, many components and quality control standards fell short of making their latest launch an advancement in quality control. Performance has dropped our jaws, but quality control, we can beg to differ.

Aftermarket parts

Fixing problems and hidden costs

Riders shouldn’t have to change the tire and install fairings, suspension, and pads to ride comfortably and safely after buying a new wheel (cough, Master cough). That goes for any spin; these things should be turn-key solutions right out of the box, not fixer-uppers. We’ve already forked over thousands of dollars on a unicycle, and we don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars on top to modify a stock wheel to make it rideable. The idea that either Begode doesn’t know or isn’t listening is unlikely. More likely, they set low-quality control and material standards when turning out these wheels at breakneck speeds, all while keeping production costs down.

Is the Begode T4 right for you?

There’s a wheel out there for everyone and plenty of fish in the sea. I’m still sitting tight for my King Song S22 but always open to options. I’m not a one-wheel man, never have been; space can always be made.

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle - Specs Features
Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Specs Features

Technical Specs:

  • Product Size: 17 inches
  • Product Color: Black
  • Carton size: 577*362*653mm
  • Dimension(pedals folded & shock absorber is 0 PSI): 450*270*600mm
  • Dimension: 450*480*660mm
  • Pedal Size: 133*288mm Pedal Height(Lowest): 150mm Pedal Height(Highest): 230mm Trolley Height: 850mm The position of the controller: top Tire Size: 163.0
  • Anti-Spin Button: YES
  • Net Weight: 32 kg
  • Rough weight: 36 kg
  • LED: NO
  • Trail Lights: Yes
  • BT Speaker: NO
  • Headlights: YES
  • Charging port: 5P * 2
  • Chargers Headlights: 6000 lumen
  • Voltage: 100.8V
  • Motor power: 2500W
  • Endurance: 100-150KM(70kg rider)
  • Battery type: 21700
  • Battery Capacity: 1800wh
  • Suspension travel: 100mm
  • Wireless upgrade: YES
  • First class speed alarm: 30km/h
  • Second class speed alarm: 45km/h
  • Free spin speed: 78km/h
  • Current limit: 220A
  • Overvoltage alarm: 102V
  • Overheat alarm: 79°C
  • Low voltage warning: 79V
  • Low power tilt back: 72V
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