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Best EUC's 2022

2022 Electric Unicycle Database and Directory

Welcome to the electric unicycle database for the year 2022. This project aims to highlight the top production-level electric unicycles currently available on the market. We hope you find the charts, tables, and graphs to be informative. If any data is out of current or wrong, please notify us, and our team will update the EUC values as soon as possible.

View the Most Extreme Performance Electric Unicycles 2022

Best EUC’s for Beginners, Advanced, and Expert Riders

The price of an electric unicycle is determined by its power, range, speed, design, and added features. The following are extremely powerful and should be operated with personal protective equipment. View, sort, and review electric unicycles by make, model, power, and range. Please reach out to info@vrooomin.com if you need any help or advice.

Checkout the best 2022 EUC’s by top speed:

Beginners: 10-20 MPH EUCAdvanced Riders: 30 MPH EUCExpert Riders: +40 MPH EUC

Benefits of Electric Unicycles:

It feels like floating and flying!

  • Speed: Electric unicycles are fast. Some can reach 20–55 MPH!
  • Weight: Electric unicycles are lightweight, and they can weigh between 20 and 100 lbs.
  • Portability: Electric unicycles are so small that you can store them indoors without worrying about them being stolen.
  • Comfort: Electric unicycles are enjoyable, as riding one feels like you’re flying above the ground.
  • Affordable: Electric unicycles are simple to ride once you learn how to balance your feet and weight on one. Unicycles are inexpensive, with more expensive models costing $4,000 or more.
  • Ownership: Electric unicycles are low-maintenance. All you need to do is pump your tires and change them once in a while.
  • Popularity: Electric unicycles are life-changing and taking over the world! They’re becoming more popular than e-bikes and E-scooters
View the Most Extreme Performance Electric Unicycles 2022

One Wheel Electric Unicycle

Electric unicycles are among today’s most exciting, lightest, most powerful, and compact electric vehicles. Electric unicycles, also called EUCs or Unis, are taking over the market for personal electric vehicles. They used to be a niche market, but now they are very popular. As you lean forward or backward on an electric unicycle, you control it by twisting your torso and feet. A self-balancing gyroscope and accelerometer manage the electric unicycle’s throttle and braking.

BEST 2022 EUCs by Category – Editors Pick

Electric Unicycles come in various sizes, battery configurations, performance specs, and premium features. Check out the best Electric Unicycles for beginner, advanced, and extreme riders.

Begode MCM5 Electric Unicycle
Begode MCM5 Electric Unicycle
View the Most Extreme Performance Electric Unicycles 2022

What is the Best EUC Brand?

Begode (formerly Gotway), King Song, Inmotion, and Leaperkim are the top electric unicycle brands on the market right now. Despite the fact that the EUC sport and market are in their infancy, these major players are now producing the highest quality and volume of wheels. As a result of implementing new technology, each company has experienced product quality issues, recalls, and on rare occasions, battery fires.

King Song technologies
King Song technologies

King Song Technologies

King Song was started in 2012, and its patented surface mount technology is used to make power bank protection boards. With ten years of board industry experience, King Song has expanded its intellectual property to the production of electric scooters, electric unicycles, and bicycles. King Song has 11 departments dedicated to innovation, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The main goal of King Songs is to give everyone a safe and fun way to get around, get rid of traffic in cities, and let riders enjoy the great outdoors.

Leaperkim technologies
Leaperkim technologies

Leaperkim Technologies

A group of engineering colleagues founded Leaperkim, a technology startup. Leaperkim’s main goal is to make software and hardware for electric vehicles that can balance themselves, like electric unicycles. The Leaperkim team is focused on research, development, production, sales, service, and manufacturing. Leaperkim focuses on producing more robust and safe electric unicycles and scooters. Leaperkim ensures that its customers receive high-quality, high-performance unicycles by strictly regulating manufacturing and enforcing quality control.

Inmotion technologies
Inmotion technologies

Inmotion Technologies co., LTD

Inmotion was founded in 2012 in Shenzhen, China, with the goal of becoming the market leader in self-balancing technology to make getting around easier. At Inmotion, our team members are dedicated to researching, making, testing, and promoting robots and vehicles that are controlled by sensors. The company’s ethos is to keep life interesting, enjoyable, and dynamic. Inmotion is dedicated to bringing electric scooters and unicycles into every home and revolutionizing the short-distance mobility scene. Inmotion’s main goal is to make the lightest, most portable, and environmentally friendly personal electric vehicles possible by doing research, coming up with new ideas, and making them.

begode technologies
begode technologies

Dongguan Begode Intelligent TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD

Begode was started in 2014 and was one of the first companies to make mainboard hardware, software, and brushless motors for personal electric vehicles. Begode’s R&D team maintains the industry’s most extensive library of electric unicycles. Electric unicycles, electric skateboards, and scooters are among the products offered by Begode. The main goal of Begode is to give customers the best and most efficient electric cars for commuting.


eWheels Electric Unicycles & Scooters

One of the first companies to offer personal electric vehicles in North America, eWheels is noted for its lightning-fast service and quick response time. With the help of Jason and the eWheels team, major PEV manufacturers collaborate on creating and enhancing new products. eWheels sells electric unicycles, bicycles, and e-scooters. As part of their EUC roster, Begode (Gotway) is joined by Inmotion and Veteran Sherman

Rev Rides Electric Vehicles

Rev Rides Electric Unicycles & Scooters

Electric unicycles, bicycles, and scooters are for sale in North America. Among the brands they represent are Vsett, Segway, Gotway, Inmotion, and King Song.