Nami Burn-E Viper Electric Scooter

Nami Burn-E Viper Electric Scooter

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Nami Viper Side Shot
Nami Viper Side Shot

The NAMI Burn-e Electric Scooter is here.

Are you seeking a 72V Monster to blast you through the monotony of daily life? The heavyweight (103 lbs 8.4KW) Burn-E might be the one electric scooter for you. The 32AH Burn-E Viper has a 72V system, hydraulic brakes, and an adjustable suspension system to make your commuting more delightful.

For similar scooters, consider the Dualtron Ultra 2, Wolf King GT, Dualtron Thunder 2, Rion Apex, and the NUMO Slack Core 920.

Nami Burn-E Electric Scooter

The Nami Burn-e scooter is excellent for all seasons. The IP55 grade for water resistance allows for increased usage throughout the winter months. The Burn-e is the zenith of off-roading.

  • Top Speed: +60 mph
  • Max Range: up to 90 miles
  • Charge Time: 12hrs
  • Weight: 103 lbs
  • Max Weight: 264 lbs
  • Braking: Front and Rear Nutt or Logan full hydraulic brake with 160mm rotor and cooling fin pad
Nami Burn-E Viper Electric Scooter Review
Nami Burn-E Viper Electric Scooter Review

Top Electric Scooter for Performance

The Nami Burn-E electric scooter is so exceptional that it ranks among the highest-rated electric scooters of 2021. An excellent rating considering all of the other high-end e-scooters on the market that it was competing against.

  • Pros: Fast, powerful, unique design
  • Cons: Issues with warped disc’s, recurring issues with shipping, riders received broken and disfigured scooters, Nami package was weak and does not use styrofoam, scooters damaged by US shipping and handling

Riders worldwide have logged hundreds of thousands of miles on the NAMI Burn-e, and the consensus is that it is one of the best in its class.

  • Battery Pack: 72V 32Ah 2,3 Kw/h Lg/Panasonic/Samsung battery
  • Stability: Steering damper
  • Lighting: Improved indicators
  • Suspension: Adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil suspensions
  • Braking: NUTT or Logan hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm discs
  • Handling: Innovative Carbon Fibre Steering Column
  • IP Rating: Water resistant IP55 and IP65 Rating for peace of mind
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Nami Viper Battery Pack
Nami Viper Battery Pack


The NAMI (New Age Mobility Innovation) Burn-e electric scooter offers a novel approach to riding on two wheels. Michael Sha and his team have invested years of research and development into the NAMI brand and are committed to producing innovative electric transportation.

Nami Viper Electric Scooter
Nami Viper Electric Scooter


The Burn-E’s large crystal-clear display has many new intelligent features to make your life much easier. These include five rider modes and the ability to tailor ride configurations to your preferred riding style.

The independent settings of the two-speed controller allow the rider to adjust the acceleration power of the front and rear motors individually.

In addition to its overheating protection system, the drivetrain features cruise control for extended trips. Moreover, the display has an IP65 rating!


Illuminate the night sky while riding! The Burn-e scooter is equipped with a 2000-lumen front LED light that is mounted at handlebar height, as well as side LED strips that are integrated with turn signals and horns on either side of the deck.

All Burn-E lighting features a favorable IP55 rating for peace of mind, as safety is a top priority.

Nami Viper Electric Scooter Box
Nami Viper Electric Scooter Box

Locking System

Burn-E handling is secure. A new patent-protected lock taper folding system makes lowering the steering column a breeze. A support base and quick-release system make folding and unfolding the electric scooter easier. All components are machined from stainless steel type 304.

Technical Specs:

  • Top Speed: +60 mph / 95km
  • Max Range: Up to 90 miles / 150km (60kg load, 25 degrees of ambient temperature Based on the flat road 30km/h constant speed driving)
  • Standard Charge Time: 12 hours charging time with two chargers is 6 hours
  • Weight: 103 lbs / 47 kg
  • Max Load: 264 lbs / 120 kg
  • Braking: Front and Rear Nutt/Logan full hydraulic brake with 160mm rotor and cooling fin pad
  • Motor Size: 1500W x2 with hall sensor / Peak at 4200W x2
  • Display Features: Smart display with riding mode setting ability / Parameters setting for each controller is independent Smart cruise control / Over heat protection built in / IP65
  • IP Water Resistance Rating: IP55 & IP65
  • Lighting: 2000 lumen front led light, / Side LED strip integrated with turn signal / Motorcycle horn /
  • Size when folded LxWxH: 1346mm x 620mm x 640mm
  • Tires: 11 inch tubeless tire 90/65- 6.5 / Street or off road tyre available
  • Cable System and IP Rating: Quick connection for all electric component, for the cables near handle bar and under the deck / IP 55 for the whole scooter
  • Motor Type: 1500Wx2 with hall sensor / Peak at 4200Wx2
  • Battery: 72V 2,3 Kw/h Lg/Panasonic/Samsung
  • Frame: One piece aviation aluminum welding frame / Solution and aging heat treatment
  • Suspension: 165mm length KKE hydraulic coil shock with rebound adjustment
  • Controller: 12 mosfet / 50a max current controller x2 / sine wave, ip65
  • Folding System: Patent designed thread lock taper folding system / 304 stainless steel folding parts
  • Charger: Standard 2x 3a quick charger / Dual charging port in the scooter
  • Handlebar: 31.8mm diameter / 620mm length handle bar
  • Main Dimension Overall size: 1346mm x 620mm x 1446 mm
    Handle bar to deck, 1090mm in height
  • Deck cover: 564x312mm, 766mm in length include rear foot rest
  • Ground clearance: 150mm min at kickstand base, Top of the deck to the ground 292mm
  • Package size: 1405mm x 355mm x 690mm
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