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Best Electric Scooter Dealers in North America

New Years Deals:

Make sure to check out the Best Electric Scooters, Best Electric Unicycles, and Holiday deals!

Apollo City Pro Electric Scooter

Best Performance Beginner Scooter

Apollo City Pro

32 MPH • 38 Miles • 65 LBS. • $1,599

Inmotion V12 (HT) Electric Scooter

On Sale!

Inmotion V12 (HS/HT)

37-40 MPH • 74 Miles • 64 LBS. • On Sale: $1,999 - $2,199

Inmotion V13 Challenger Electric Scooter

Fastest wheels on the Planet

Inmotion V13 Challenger

55 MPH • 120 Miles • 110 LBS. • $3,999

kaabo Mantis GT Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

Kaabo Mantis GT

43.5 MPH • 65 Miles • 72 LBS. • $2,145

Begode EX30 (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Most Anticipated 134V Wheel

Begode EX30 (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 144 Miles • +100 LBS. • $4,199

emove cruiser Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

emove cruiser

33 MPH • 56 Miles • 52 LBS. • $1,349

Teverun Fighter Supreme Electric Scooter

72V Sinewave

Teverun Fighter Supreme

62 MPH • Miles • 74 LBS. • $4,199

Bronco Motors Xtreme 11 Electric Scooter

Holiday Deal: Free Fast Charger

Bronco Motors Xtreme 11

70 MPH • 80 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,499

Veteran Sherman Suspension Electric Scooter

Top Performance Wheel for 2023!

Veteran Sherman Suspension

+46 MPH • 144 Miles • 97 LBS. • $4,150

kaabo Wolf King GT Electric Scooter

Save $50 with Code "VROOOMIN"

Kaabo Wolf King GT

62 MPH • 70 Miles • 115 LBS. • $3,145

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Fastest wheels on the Planet

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 192 Miles • 118 LBS. • $4,599

Veteran Sherman MAX (50E) Electric Scooter

Free Fast Charger + Fender

Veteran Sherman MAX (50E)

45 MPH • 144 Miles • 86 LBS. • $3,799

vsett 10+ 25AH Electric Scooter

Save $50 w/ Coupon Code: VROOOMIN

vsett 10+

50 MPH • 60V 20.8AH • 86 LBS. • $1,709

Begode Master (Litech 40T/50E) Electric Scooter

High Torque +50 MPH Wheel

Begode Master

+50 MPH • 89 Miles • 80 LBS. • $3,300

Begode T4 (Samsung 40T) Electric Scooter

Performance Suspension

Begode T4

42 MPH • 40 Miles • 67 LBS. • $2,450

Extreme Bull Commander Pro Electric Scooter


Extreme Bull Commander Pro

55 MPH • 100 Miles • 94 LBS. • $3,999

emove RoadRunner Tronic Electric Scooter

Save $50 w/ Coupon Code: VROOOMIN

emove RoadRunner Tronic

65 MPH • 56 Miles • 55 LBS. • $4,500

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter


Dualtron Thunder 2

62 MPH • 105 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,299

Bluetran Lightning 72V Sports Commuter Electric Scooter

Bluetran Lightning Rider, Alex Littig, hits 53 MPH GPS, Top Speed Test

Alex Littig, electric scooter rider, and enthusiast, achieves a mind-numbing 53 MPH on the Bluetran Lightning! Alex is a skilled rider who owns one of the most souped-up Lightning in the United States. Make sure to watch Alex’s video and subscribe to get more content on PEVs and electric scooters in the future. It’s incredible to see Alex take complete command of the Lightning and drive this scooter to its maximum capacity.

Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Review, Updates and FAQ Video

Bluetran Lightning Acceleration Test Video

A Rocket on 2 wheels. The Lightning may be the BEST 10″ SCOOTER FOR 2022

Starting at $2,700 for 26AH base model, $3,000 for 32AH, and $3,100 for 35AH

The 72V Bluetran Lightning could be the best value, high-performance 10″ electric scooter on the market. The style, aesthetics, amenities, and value of this scooter make it a clear choice. The Lightning is the only scooter on the market with a 72V 30A system on 10″ wheels.

Bluetran Lightning 72V Electric Scooter
Bluetran Lightning 72V Electric Scooter

Bluetran Lightning Updated Review (March 9th 2022):

Pure Performance

Riding the Bluetran lightning is out of this world; it feels like a Dualtron Eagle or Victor crossed with a Dualtron Ultra 2. This scooter has more than enough power and is best enjoyed for its high torque. For riders looking for the ultimate thrill without buying a large 11″ 105 lbs Thunder 2 or Ultra 2, the Lightning is the perfect compromise between physical size and raw performance. At the tap of the throttle, all you can feel is a force that pulls you forward, like that first drop on a roller coaster ride. This scooter is insanely powerful; I highly recommend all riders first ride at the lowest settings to start.

53 and 54 MPH GPS Top Speed – Updated 4/16/2022

Shout out to Alex Littig

Alex is an experienced rider and the proud owner of one of the most souped-up Bluetran Lightning in the United States. Alex’s Bluertran Lightning reached 53 miles per hour on GPS! It’s incredible how Alex could push the lightning beyond its limitations and achieve the most significant peak speed recorded on video in the United States. Everyone else’s rate will vary depending on the payload and road conditions; Alex is on the lighter half of the weight spectrum!

Shout out to Zero Rider!

I’ve only taken the Bluetran Lightning up to 41 MPH (GPS); there’s not enough smooth and safe runway in New York City to do the top-speed test properly. Weight greatly affects speed; heavy riders can expect a top speed of 42-45 MPH. My Friend Zero Rider (French Youtuber) recorded a top speed of 54 MPH. (GPS), but he also weighs 132 pounds. I estimate that the top speed for most riders will be between 42 and 50 miles; it just depends on weight. At 195 lbs with gear, I estimate my GPS top speed could be between 45-48 MPH. For my Dualtron Eagle Pro, I’ve reached 42 MPH GPS, and for my Ultra 2, I’ve reached 58 MPH GPS. The Eagle is rated for 45 MPH, and the Ultra 2 is rated for 62 MPH.

Feel the torque and blast off with the Bluetran Lightning for the 2022 riding season.

Bluetran Lightning First Thoughts (March 1st 2022):

I recently received one of the first Bluetran Lightning Electric scooters to arrive in North America! This ride is so much fun! I’ll undertake a complete inspection, testing, and riding of the Lightning as part of my comprehensive assessment. So far, the Lightning has delivered on torque. I haven’t had the opportunity to take a high-speed run yet (too cold right now in NYC), but the acceleration is incredible, especially for a 10″ scooter.

  • Power: Insane torque, reduce the torque settings when riding for the first time.
  • Top Speed: It’s rated for 55 MPH, I’ve only gotten her up to 43 MPH (GPS), and even then it felt way too fast. French riders have gotten the Lightning past 54 MPH / 88 KMH. Weight and battery charge will have a big effect on top speed. I feel like this scooter is most fun around 20-35 MPH, high speed runs can be enjoyed but in safe space. Alex Littig has hit 53 MPH GPS on his Bluetran Lightning (4/16/2022)
  • Range: Large battery pack for long range riding
  • Features: loaded with lighting signals, head lights, horn, adjustable handle bars, the complete scooter!
  • Ride Quality: Plush suspension, eats up and minimizes all road vibrations
  • Build Quality: Top notch quality, some of the best design and materials I’ve seen used on a scooter
  • Handling: This scooter is very powerful, takes time to acclimate to in high settings, try balancing front foot towards the front deck for more stability when maxing out settings, take your time when boosting up the performance
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I know the timing is still early, but this could be the best scooter for 2022; I highly recommend this scooter for riders looking to upgrade to a 72V system.

The Bluetran Lightning has everything you need to start your high torque adventures, all right out of the box. The Lightning may be the best value extreme performance scooter for 2022.


Bluetran Lighting Review Video and Unboxing

Fast, Furious, & Striking, MiniMotor’s Bluetran Lightning.

Powerful New Make & Model

The Bluetran Lightning is a high-performance electric scooter with raw power, smooth geometry, and over 20 years of electric scooter technology. While the Lightning’s bold and assertive chassis will appeal to many sports scooter enthusiasts, the Bluetran’s goal is to provide utility, durability, comfort, and 72V performance at an affordable price. Are you looking for a twin motor sports electric scooter for the first time? Look no further; the Lightning provides commuters with the sports-tuned scooter experience we’ve all been waiting for.

Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter is Now Shipping!

New Lightnings start at $2,700, strongest model costs $3,100. Visit the newly launched Bluetran website to get the latest information on the Bluetran lightning Electric scooter.


  • The Bluetran Electric Scooters are the newest scooters from MiniMotors.
  • In comparison to Dualtron models, Bluetran electric scooters are constructed for quality, speed, power, and design at a more affordable price.
  • The 5KW Lightning is a mid-weight scooter with substantial power, having a top speed of 50+ MPH!
  • Three battery variants are available: 26AH, 32AH, and 35AH.
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter - Battery Lid
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter – Battery Lid

News & Deals

Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Bridge Riding
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Bridge Riding

Sleek, Sporty, and Stylish.

The Bluetran Embodies the Speedway Electric Scooter Line: Performance, Sporty, Approachable

MiniMotors’ decision to introduce the Bluetran electric scooter series has left us happy. The Lightning has the looks to kill, a 5KW drivetrain, sports-tuned chassis, with a large battery and dual motors to back it up.

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Bluetran Lightning Unboxing – VROOOMIN HQ

The Bluetran Lightning is an Absolute Stunner.

  • Design: The Lightning takes design cues from the Speedway 5, Speedway Leger, Dualtron Thunder 1, and Dualtron Mini, to name a few.
  • Speedway: The Lightning is inspired on the geometry of the Speedway 5, with the same lines, curves, feel, and suspension.
  • At the same time, the chassis and performance components of the 4th generation Dualtron are inherited.
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Full Deck
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Full Deck
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Box
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Box
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Specs
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Top View
Bluetran Lightning Post Ride – VROOOMIN HQ

The Noteworthy 72V 10″ Sports Electric Scooter

5KW Sports Commuter Electric Scooter

Built for commuting but also fun and leisure, MiniMotors has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years with their release of the cult classic Dualtron 2, Spider, Eagle, and, most recently, Victor. These legendary sports electric scooters reach the sweet spot in terms of being practical, lightweight, and workable during the week. Why can’t we commute to work and have a good time? The Lightning is set to change your daily rituals with its high torque and completely customizable 5KW drivetrain.

Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Front Motor
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Front Motor

Heavy for Range & High Speed Stability

The Bluetran Lightning is heavier at 88 pounds, but its massive 72V battery and controller combination produces twice the power output of its predecessors. The 72V 5040W drivetrain of the Bluetran Lightning sets it apart from other mid-class sports electric scooters. It can push its 10″ motors up to 55 MPH, a top speed and torque level that the Victor and Eagle Pro can’t match. A 2,520WH battery pack sits at the core of the Lightning, providing up to 93 miles of long-range and high-adrenaline riding.

  • High torque, high speed +5KW drivetrain
  • Fastest production 10″ production electric scoter
  • Quality LG 72V battery pack and cells
  • 3 modes of power: low, medium, and high
  • EYE Throttle custom settings: torque, battery, acceleration, electronic brake

OhManDan Shares Behind the Scenes Visit to MiniMotors USA

Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Features

  • Upgraded Multi-Switch Button Module
    The MiniMotors latest handlebar module controls the headlights, taillights, LED, warning signals, turning signals, and speed settings with the touch of a button. The module extends the internal controller and throttle, allowing for easy control of power/motor output as well as lighting for safety.
  • Full Hydraulic Brakes + ABS – Riders will have full control while cruising at low and high speeds with full hydraulic brakes and the MiniMotors ABS brake safety system.
  • Charging Port GX20-3P- Battery BMS supports up to 10A, charging the Lightning is quick. Fast chargers are available as an add-on item.
  • Stem and Chassis LED System – The Lightning has an LED lighting system with an external remote controller for color changes for added flare and visibility at night.
  • Quad Spring Suspension System – The Lightning is equipped with a quad spring air suspension system that ensures a solid and pleasant ride on both flat and bumpy runways. The suspension height can be adjusted to suit preferences and road conditions.
  • Folding Stems and Handlebars – The Bluetran Lightning includes folding handlebars and stem for convenient storage, allowing it to take up less physical and visual space in the workplace or at home. The handlebars are vertically adjustable for taller riders who need an additional 50mm of reach.
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When will the Bluetran Lightning Arrive in the US?

The Bluetran Lightning is now shipping. Visit the Bluetran site here for more info.

Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Speed Test
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Speed Test

Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Specs

  • Power: MAX 5040W BLDC DUAL HUB MOTOR 72V35Ah (LG MJ1 18650) / 72V32Ah (LG MH1 18650) / 72V26Ah MOTOR Battery (CN 18650)
  • Time to charge: (35Ah) With a conventional charger, it will take 25 hours; with a quick charger, it will take 7 hours (32Ah) 22 hours when using a regular charger, 6 hours when using a rapid charger / (26Ah) With a conventional charger, it takes 18 hours, and with a quick charger, it takes 5 hours.
  • Max Range: 90 miles (35 AH), 80 miles (32 AH), and 65 miles (26 AH) The range depends on the rider’s weight, road conditions, and ambient temperature.
  • Speed: 50+ mph top speed (depending on rider weight, road conditions, state of charge, and ambient temperature)
  • Gradient: 60% or 31 degrees (depending on rider weight and state of charge)
  • Brakes Front and rear hydraulic brakes with electric anti-lock brakes
  • Lighting: LED lights on the handlebars, dual LED headlights and taillights, and brake light
  • Max Load: 265 lbs
  • Weight of Scooter: 88 lbs
  • Tube tire: 10″ x 3″
  • Features: Turn signals/lights/horn/hazards/Eco-Turbo/adjustable bar height/adjustable ride height Suspension: Quad spring air suspension for front and rear Features: Turn signals/lights/horn/hazards/Eco-Turbo/adjustable bar height/adjustable ride height
  • Charging: GX20-3P 10A Charging at the maximum.
  • Upgrades: Fingerprint, Fast Charger are optional parts.
  • Materials: The frame and handle are made of 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is made of SCM440 steel, and the coverings are made of plastic.
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Bridge Riding
Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter Bridge Riding

Zero Riders First Take on the Bluetran Lightning Electric Scooter

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