Ariel Rider X-Class - Side

Ariel Rider X-Class - Side

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Apollo City Pro Electric Scooter

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Apollo City Pro

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Inmotion V12 (HT) Electric Scooter

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Inmotion V12 (HS/HT)

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Inmotion V13 Challenger

55 MPH • 120 Miles • 110 LBS. • $3,999

kaabo Mantis GT Electric Scooter

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Kaabo Mantis GT

43.5 MPH • 65 Miles • 72 LBS. • $2,145

Inmotion V11 Electric Scooter


Inmotion V11

34 MPH • 57 Miles • 59 LBS. • On Sale: $1,999

Begode EX30 (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Most Anticipated 134V Wheel

Begode EX30 (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 144 Miles • +100 LBS. • $4,199

emove cruiser Electric Scooter

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emove cruiser

33 MPH • 56 Miles • 52 LBS. • $1,349

Teverun Fighter Supreme Electric Scooter

72V Sinewave

Teverun Fighter Supreme

62 MPH • Miles • 74 LBS. • $4,199

Bronco Motors Xtreme 11 Electric Scooter

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Bronco Motors Xtreme 11

70 MPH • 80 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,499

Veteran Sherman Suspension Electric Scooter

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Veteran Sherman Suspension

+46 MPH • 144 Miles • 97 LBS. • $4,150

kaabo Wolf King GT Electric Scooter

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Kaabo Wolf King GT

62 MPH • 70 Miles • 115 LBS. • $3,145

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E) Electric Scooter

Fastest wheels on the Planet

Begode Master Pro (40T/50E)

50 MPH • 192 Miles • 118 LBS. • $4,599

Veteran Sherman MAX (50E) Electric Scooter

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Veteran Sherman MAX (50E)

45 MPH • 144 Miles • 86 LBS. • $3,799

vsett 10+ 25AH Electric Scooter

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vsett 10+

50 MPH • 60V 20.8AH • 86 LBS. • $1,709

Begode T4 (Samsung 40T) Electric Scooter

Performance Suspension

Begode T4

42 MPH • 40 Miles • 67 LBS. • $2,450

Extreme Bull Commander Pro Electric Scooter


Extreme Bull Commander Pro

55 MPH • 100 Miles • 94 LBS. • $3,999

emove RoadRunner Tronic Electric Scooter

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emove RoadRunner Tronic

65 MPH • 56 Miles • 55 LBS. • $4,500

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter


Dualtron Thunder 2

62 MPH • 105 Miles • 105 LBS. • $4,299

Ariel Rider X-Class - Side
Ariel Rider X-Class – Side

Looking for Adventure?

If you want speed, the X-Class can provide plenty of it at an affordable price. Ready to push the throttle to its limit and experience the X-Class’s turbo power? Willing to take command of your commute and no longer waste time or gas money? We’d recommend a full-face helmet before saddling up on a beast like this.

Ariel Rider X-Class - Outdoors
Ariel Rider X-Class – Outdoors

Ariel Rider X-Class 52V Electric Motorbike

I enjoy an excellent fat tire e-bike, especially one that offers the best bang for your buck. The Ariel Rider X-Class is a 52V moped-style electric bike that can reach +35 MPH at top speed. This rocket has a 52V 20ah battery with a range of 70+ miles, full suspension, lighting, hydraulic brakes, and 20×4 fat tires.

All of this is on top of some elegant moped-style geometry; you can decide if the X-class is effectively an electric motorcycle or e-bike.

  • Top Speed: 35 MPH
  • Battery: 1040WH Generic Cells
  • Weight: 78 lbs
  • Max load: 300 lbs
  • Suspension: Front / Rear
  • Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic

1040WH Battery Pack

The 52V high-speed X-Class was designed to be a powerful e-bike. Thanks to a 52V battery system with a significantly higher current 35A controller, the X-Class 52V is even better, faster, and more powerful than ever. It now has a massive 20Ah battery, brighter headlights with daylight capability, turn signals, brake lights, updated shocks, and more. Let’s take a closer look at Ariel’s impressive specs down below.

Ariel Rider X-Class - Light
Ariel Rider X-Class – Light


All new 1000W 52V motor custom-designed by Bafang

Most city commutes are less than 5 miles long, so we don’t have to go very far on most days. The big 1040WH battery pack (52V, 20ah) in the integrated battery lets it go up to 75 miles on a single charge. You can cruise for days without having to charge it.

Ariel batteries stand out because they have safety features built in a 90-amp protection board, high-voltage, and low-voltage regulators, current regulators, and a temperature sensor to make riding safer.

  • BATTERY: 52V 20Ah battery rated for 800 charges. The battery comes with an integrated USB port.
  • CHARGER: 52V, 2.5 Amp smart charger, operates on 100V-240V AC power outlets
  • CONTROLLERS: Smart Controller 52V 33Ah (Continuous peak current).
  • DISPLAY: Backlit LED display with easy diagnostics feature and USB charging port.
  • HUB MOTOR: 1000 Watt Nominal, 2000 Watt Peak Bafang Motor.
  • Front: Motorcycle style bright headlight with daylight function.
  • Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light mode and turn signals.
  • PEDAL ASSIST: 5 Level Pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor.
  • RANGE: 40-75+ Miles,
  • THROTTLE: Twist throttle
  • WIRING: Water-resistant connectors and wiring harness
  • USB PORTS: 1 on the screen, 1 on the battery
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Ariel Rider X-Class - Side
Ariel Rider X-Class – Side


Adjustable Front Suspension Fork

The bike has a seductive modified fork made for a motorcycle. We wouldn’t use just any bicycle fork on a powerful e-bike like this one; no expense was spared. These are some of the best suspension forks you can buy, and you can adjust them to your preferred settings.

Industry Leading Rear Shocks

For more comfort, the X-Class has one of the best rear shocks on the market, which is 100% CNC-machined for accuracy. It also has a rebound adjustment that makes it easier to control, gives you more support, and lowers your stance.

The position of the rear shock is also better now that the point where it turns has been changed. When you’re on an x-class, you won’t have any more bumpy rides.

Ariel Rider X-Class - Side
Ariel Rider X-Class – Side


Optional 2-piece saddle and standard foot pegs

With the X, you and your family have options. Your X-52 can fit two people with two different optional seats. All X-52 e-bikes come with footpegs, which means they can carry one more person.

These pegs give the back passenger’s feet a comfortable place to rest, so they can relax and enjoy the ride.

  • BRAKES: Hyrdaulic Tektro HD-E 350
  • BRAKE ROTORS: Tektro 180mm
  • BRAKE LEVERS: Tektro Dorado HDE350 Hydraulic Disc with 180 Rotors, Dual Piston Calipers, Three-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors and Adjustable Reach
  • CRANK SET: Prowheel, Forged Alloy, 170mm Length, 48 Tooth Steel Chainring with Plastic Guide
  • DERAILLEUR: Shimano Altus TZ25007428 Derailleur
  • FENDER: Standard
  • FORK: Motorcycle Level Alloy Heavy Duty Fork, Adjustable
  • FRAME: AL 6061
  • GEARING: 7 Speed 1×7 Shimano AltusTZ25007428 Derailleur, 14-28 Tooth Freewheel
  • GRIPS: Durable faux leather
  • HANDLEBAR: Fork-Handlebar Integrated Aluminum Alloy, 670mm Length
  • STEM: Promax adjustable stem,
  • HEADSET: Neco, Internal Cups, Straight 1-1/8″
  • KICKSTAND: Since leg steel, spring loaded, height adjustable
Ariel Rider X-Class - Rear
Ariel Rider X-Class – Rear


Got cargo? No Problem

The X-Class comes with several standard features, and you can even use our rear rack accessories to turn your X-Class into a utility vehicle. The X-Class has two cargo racks, one of which can be used with the rear passenger saddle (pro rear rack). You can also get a basket on your rear rack to carry heavier items.

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Ariel Rider X-Class - Brakes
Ariel Rider X-Class – Brakes


All new LED Headlight

The Ariel Rider X-Class is stunning because it has a vast headlight that looks like a motorcycle from the old days. This headlight also has a daylight mode to make it safer. Besides how they look, nothing about the specs is old or outdated. It is one of the most powerful headlights on the market because it has 2W of power and 80 lux of light.

Ariel Rider X-Class - Tire
Ariel Rider X-Class – Tire


Integrated Brake Light and Turn Signals

The primary safety lights, like the brake lights that turn on when the brakes are pressed, are powered by the introductory battery pack. Riders should always let others know what they plan to do on the road.

Ariel Rider X-Class - Front
Ariel Rider X-Class – Front


High-Performance Fat Tires

The X has some big, beautiful tires that work well for comfort and look great. The 20×4.0 CST, the Fat Tires on the X52, are made to be used both on and off-road. Did we say that they can’t be punctured and have side reflections to make them easier to see?

Ariel Rider X-Class - Front
Ariel Rider X-Class – Front


Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The X-Class is a powerful e-bike, and a powerful motor needs brakes that can stop on a dime at both low and high speeds. Powerful hydraulic brakes on the front and rear stop the car quickly. Since hydraulic brakes have a closed-circuit system, you don’t have to worry about cleaning dirt or mud off them.

They’re so easy to maintain. The front and back rotors are both 180 mm, which gives it better-stopping power than bikes with 140-160 mm rotors.

Ariel Rider X-Class - Side
Ariel Rider X-Class – Side
  • PEDALS: Wellgo B087DU Aluminum Alloy Platform
  • Rear: Optional RIMS: Double Walled, Aluminum Alloy, 36 Hole, 80mm Width.
  • SADDLE: Exclusive Ariel Rider Ebikes moped-style, banana seat (height isn’t adjustable).Note: X-Class comes standard with the short harness, the long saddle is an optional/additional accessory,
  • SHIFTER: Shimano AMFLTX50RCT SIS Index Thumb Shifter
  • SPOKES: Stainless Steel, 12 Gauge Rear, Silver with Nipples
  • TIRES: CST 20×4.0: Puncture Resistant
  • WHEEL SIZES: 20 in (50.8cm)
  • TIRE DETAILS: 5-30 PSI, 0.4 to 2.1 bar, 60tpi casing, wire bead
  • REAR SUSPENSION: Rebound Adjustable Rear
  • FOOT PEGS: Cast iron heavy-duty foot pegs
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Ariel Rider X-Class - Rider
Ariel Rider X-Class – Rider

Reasonable Price

Do you think this bike is worth $2,600 of your money? If so, you’re lucky because this speedy bike sells for $2,399. It’s not a bad deal. I already have an electric moped, but this one makes me question my decision. The price is significantly lower, and the specifications are superior.

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