Kingsong S20 Eagle Electric Unicycle - Coming Soon

Kingsong S20 Eagle Electric Unicycle - Coming Soon

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eWheels is Receiving a Massive King Song S22 Shipment in May.

Riders who want a King Song S22 electric unicycle in May can preorder one now, and it will be dispatched as soon as it is available. Make a reservation for one of the second batches in the United States. The longer you wait in line for the S22, the further behind you will be. I’ve officially placed my order, and I’m looking forward to it!

EUC News & Updates

  • King Song S22 is one of the most sought-after EUCs on the market
  • The S22 is the most robust and fastest suspension wheel to date
  • King Song is working on refining/testing the S22 Eagle, the first shipping is expected to be in early March 2022.
eWheels 2023 Suspension Chart

King Song S22 EUC Steep Hill Climb Test Video

eWheels Updates for the King Song S22 First Batch Shipment (January 29, 2022)

From William of eWheels:

This is an update regarding your preorder for the King Song S22:

The good news is that King Song has shipped out the first 40x S22s to us, expected to arrive late February in the USA. However, these do not even cover deposits placed on the first official day of the deposit listing, August 19th. Chinese New Year shuts down the factory for February, compounding this delay of production. 

Earlier this week, we received an update from King Song that the bulk of our S22 order will arrive in ~May. In addition, while there will likely be an imminent price increase on new preorders due to increasing costs King Song is incurring, this price increase will not affect your existing preorder – locked in at $3200 total (which includes the $100 deposit). 

We will reach out to the first 40 customers for balance payments when these S22s reach the Port of LA in late February. In the meantime, King Song sent us photos of the initial 40 units assembled. We think the S22 looks fantastic and should be well worth the wait! 

Thank you for your patience as we do our utmost to speed these along, – and have a great weekend,
eWheels Team

eWheels Visits King Song Factory

King Song S22 Eagle Monowheel Battery Installation

The S22 Eagle is now available for preorder at eWheels!

  • Initial $100 deposit to secure a King Song S22 Eagle
  • Max Speed: 43mph / 70km/h
  • Battery: 126V 2220wh, Smart BMS
  • Motor: 3300w, 20″
  • Suspension: 240-75
  • Display: Integrated Display
  • Features: Spiked Pedals, Custom Power Pads, Replaceable Bumper, Integrated Kickstand
  • Lighting: Rear Turn Signals
  • Price: $3,200
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Side View
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Side View
Kingsong S22 Eagle Electric Unicycle
Kingsong S22 Eagle Electric Unicycle

2022 Ultimate 20″ Suspension Electric Unicycle

The S22 Eagle website has gone live, teasing King Song’s future flagship wheel. On their website, eWheels has also opened up a $100 presale!

King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Side Angle
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Side Angle

It’s Undeniable, the King Song S22 May Be the Most Aggressive Electric Unicycle on the Market. But will it be the best?

King Song is building on the IP of its flagship S18 suspension electric unicycle and pushing the limit even further with the S22 Eagle, an extreme-performance electric unicycle based on the lessons learned from the S18 EUC. The S22 comes with a slew of enhancements and features:

  • First 126V electric unicycle on market
  • Supersized, 2,220WH battery pack with double the discharge capacity compared to the S18
  • Upgraded suspension allows 130mm travel and 75mm spring travel
  • S22 uses spring suspension, the S18 uses air suspension

Performance Tuned, Hollow Bore Motor, High Torque Drivetrain

This mountain slayer is designed for off-road adventure with substantial torque and high voltage. The S22 will deliver on your on-road and off-road adventures with adjustable power pads, 130mm of suspension travel, and a max 7.5KW motor.

  • 43 MPH top speed
  • 3.3KW nominal, 7.5KW peak hollow bore motor
  • 20″ Wheel, 40 Degree gradient
  • Integrated display for power, speed, and performance
  • Less shell material, easier maintenance, and tire/tube replacement
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King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Suspension
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Suspension

Heavy Duty Battery Pack

Crushing hill slopes and steep gradients requires heavy firepower.

The S22’s fire-breathing heart is powered by a 126V, 2,220WH LG 21700 battery pack. The battery system is managed by an intelligent BMS system that allows users to monitor the health levels of the pack, allowing for more safety while on and off the road.

  • LG50LT 21700 Cells, 5000mA
  • 2200WH capacity
  • Up to 125-mile range
  • 4-hour charge time
  • Dual GX16-6 ports for charging
  • Supports 10A fast charging, 6A charger included
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Rear Suspension
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Rear Suspension

Loaded with Added Features

No upgrades are necessary because King Song has equipped the S22 with all the extra features that riders typically pay for. Power pads, an integrated wheel stand, an ergonomic seat, and spiked pedals round out the S22’s features, giving it a complete EUC straight out of the box. With the S22 Eagle, you can get more for less money.

  • Adjustable Power pads for comfort and custom handling preferences
  • Spike pedals for superior handling – 277 x 130mm, 221mm off the ground
  • Ergonomic cushion for seated riding
  • Integrated wheel stand – Helps keep your wheel safe and upright at home or during a pit stop
  • Adjustable (tiltable) LED headlight (15 degrees), rear LED brake and turn signal lights ($50 value)
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Motors
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Motors

How Does the S22 Stack Up Against the Competition?

When compared to other types of wheels:

BEGODE Hero versus S22: The S22 features a larger battery, a larger motor, and a new front bumper design. It also has a greater voltage, which implies more speed and torque.

INMOTION V12 versus S22: The S22 features a larger battery pack, which ensures a more stable ride. Suspension is not available on the V12. However, it is available on the S22. V12 has a larger motor that is easier to fix.

King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Suspension
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Suspension
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Side View
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Side View

Is the S22 waterproof or water-resistant?

The S22 is waterproof, so riding in the rain won’t harm the electronics. Even though rain reduces vision, riders are advised to ride in dry circumstances.

  • Building off mistakes from other brands, the hollow motor performs well in wet conditions
  • King Song has conducted comprehensive tests on water resistance on the S22 hollow bore motors
  • The motor seals are completely custom

Brand New Modular Controller

  • New controller design integrates charger, and rear lights, all in one.
  • 4 layer design ensures controller stays cool under heavy usage and high current
  • TO-247 Mosfets include 12 high voltage MOSFETs to supply 3.3kw motor with the highest performance possible
  • Heat Sink Control – 16 heat sink columns to ensure fast heat dissipation, providing stability and consistent performance
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Side View
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Side View

Will you preorder a S22 Eagle?

Preorders are available at eWheels; contact Jason for the most up-to-date delivery information. Riders should expect the Eagles to arrive later than intended due to the present shipping crisis and global battery constraints. King Song is also fine-tuning any last-minute designs and the S22’s performance and builds quality in preparation for mass production.

King Song technologies
King Song technologies

King Song Intelligence Co., LTD

King Song, which began operations in 2012, specialized in producing power bank protection boards using its patented surface mount technology. With ten years of board industry experience, King Song has expanded its intellectual property to include electric scooters, electric unicycles, and bicycles. King Song has 11 divisions dedicated to product development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The primary goal of King Songs is to provide the globe with a safe and enjoyable method of transportation, alleviate urban congestion, and allow riders to enjoy the outdoors.

Extreme Performance EUC
Extreme Performance EUC
Extreme Performance EUC
Extreme Performance EUC
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units - Building
King Song S22 Eagle Unicycle Production Units – Building

Is the S18 Electric Unicycle going to be phased out?

No, the S18 will continue to be manufactured and distributed through your local distributors.

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What exactly is the distinction between S18 and S22?

The S18 has a stock air suspension, whereas the S22 has a spring. S22 has paved the way for a new generation of EUC. It’s easier to replace parts or the inner tube on the S22 Eagle without the outer shell. It’s all about the motor, battery, and motherboard, which are at the heart of a EUC. Without sacrificing any of the functionality that our customers demand. S18 suspension travel is 100mm, whereas S22 suspension travel is 130mm.

Is the S18 a replacement for the S22? What should I do if I can’t decide between the two?

The S22 is not a replacement for the S18. The S18 is a lightweight suspension wheel designed for users who do not require speeds above 50 km/h. The S18 is ideal for riders who want to commute but don’t want to deal with the extra weight of a bigger wheel.

Is it equipped with speakers?

There are no speakers on the S22.

What are the measurements of the pedals? Clearance?

The pedal’s measurements are 277 x 130mm. The pedals are 231 millimeters above the ground.

How can you charge a 126v battery with a 110v outlet?

In the simplest terms, even if your household only produces 110-120 volts, the charger retains the voltage and stores it at 126 volts before sending it to the wheel. It’s the same reason you can charge a Tesla at home with a 350-volt plug.

Is it possible to change the suspension?

Yes, get a 240-75 or 240-76 suspension.

What kind of suspension does the S22 come with?

The S22 will ship with a DNM RCP-2S spring rated at 750 pounds, although this is subject to change in the coming weeks.

Which suspension would you suggest?

Fox shocks are unquestionably the best on the market; Rockshox is also excellent but not ideal for EUCs. It’s perfect for both good and lousy asphalt but not for off-roading. The disadvantage is that it is prone to bottoming out; while riding over enormous obstacles, it is easy to strike the bottom, especially for bigger riders. Although the DNM240-75 is an entry-level coil suspension, the 750lb spring is appropriate for most riders; however, if you want to experience the extreme, we recommend upgrading to a 1000lb spring.

Many of the shocks available for the S22 Eagle are among the best on the market, with all compression and rebound dampening settings customizable. The key to the limit is the adjustable compression dampening; the blue knob can raise the S22’s limit, allowing it to take on a more significant impact. If heavier riders are bottoming out, there’s a good chance you can remedy the problem by changing the blue compression dampening. Similarly, if the shock absorber is too stiff for light riders, they can convert to a 550lb spring. You may replace the spring without having to replace the complete shock.

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Many suspensions on the market will fit your S22 Eagle as long as they fulfill the 240-75 or 240-76 specifications.

Is the S22 water resistant or waterproof? What is the IP rating?

The S22 is water resistant, so riding in the rain won’t harm it. However, we usually advise our riders to avoid riding in the rain because drivers have less visibility than in clear weather.

In the rain, how does the hollow motor perform?

We conducted extensive testing to determine the hollow motor’s water resistance.
We learned from the experiences of other brands and made sure we wouldn’t make the same mistakes. This motor is one-of-a-kind, even down to the seal.

Do you have any power pads?

Yes! These Power pads will not be put on; when you receive your wheel, adjust it to the position you prefer.

Will the S22 be available in a variety of colors?

We have no intentions to make other colors as of August 26, 2021, but if we receive enough input from our riders worldwide, we may reconsider.

What color is the S22?

The central theme is black and red, however, there will be certain areas with other colors.

What are the S22 box’s dimensions?

The S22 Eagle box is 930x690x310mm.

How much does it weigh?

Currently, the estimated weight is 35 kg.

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